NOC 类别 中文名称 英文名称  
3142 A 物理治疗师 Physiotherapists
3141 A 听觉病矫治专家和语音语言病理学家 Audiologists and speech-language pathologists
3132 A 营养师和营养学家 Dietitians and nutritionists
3131 A 药剂师 Pharmacists
3125 A 其他专业的健康诊断和治疗职业 Other professional occupations in health diagnosing and treating
3124 A 同盟初级保健医生 Allied primary health practitioners
3122 A 脊医(按摩疗法医生) Chiropractors
3121 A 视光师 Optometrists
3114 A 兽医 Veterinarians
3113 A 牙医 Dentists
3112 A 全科医生和家庭医生 General practitioners and family physicians
3111 A 专科医师 Specialist physicians
3012 A 注册护士及注册精神科护士 Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses
3011 A 护理协调员及主管 Nursing co-ordinators and supervisors
1526 C 交通路线和船员调度 Transportation route and crew schedulers
1525 C 调度员 Dispatchers
1524 C 采购与库存控制工人 Purchasing and inventory control workers
1523 C 生产物流协调员 Production logistics co-ordinators
1522 C 仓库保管员 Storekeepers and partspersons
1521 C 托运人和接收员 Shippers and receivers
1513 C 快递,速递和送货到门经销商 Couriers, messengers and door-to-door distributors
1512 C 邮递员 Letter carriers
1511 C 邮件,邮政及有关人员 Mail, postal and related workers
1454 C 调查采访和统计文员 Survey interviewers and statistical clerks
1452 C 通信,出版和监管办事员 Correspondence, publication and regulatory clerks
1451 C 图书馆助理和办事员 Library assistants and clerks
1435 C 收集员 Collectors
1434 C 银行,保险和其他财务人员 Banking, insurance and other financial clerks
1432 C 工资办事员 Payroll clerks
1431 C 会计及相关文员 Accounting and related clerks
1423 C 桌面排版人员及相关职业 Desktop publishing operators and related occupations
1422 C 数据录入员 Data entry clerks
1416 C 书记员 Court clerks
1415 C 人事文员 Personnel clerks
1414 C 接待员 Receptionists
1411 C 办公室支持工人 General office support workers
1315 B 海关,船舶和其他经纪人 Customs, ship and other brokers
1314 B 陪审员,房地产估价师和估价师 Assessors, valuators and appraisers
1313 B 保险承销商 Insurance underwriters
1312 B 保险理算和索赔审查员 Insurance adjusters and claims examiners
1311 B 会计技师和会计员 Accounting technicians and bookkeepers
1254 B 统计官员和相关研究支持职业 Statistical officers and related research support occupations
1253 B 记录管理技术员 Records management technicians
1252 B 卫生信息管理职业 Health information management occupations
1251 B 法院书记官,医疗打字员及相关职业 Court reporters, medical transcriptionists and related occupations
1243 B 医疗行政助理 Medical administrative assistants
1242 B 法律行政助理 Legal administrative assistants
1241 B 行政助理 Administrative assistants
1228 B 就业保险,移民,边境服务和缉私关员 Employment insurance, immigration, border services and revenue officers
1227 B 法院人员和治安法官 Court officers and justices of the peace
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