NOC 类别 中文名称 英文名称  
2173 A 软件工程师和设计师 Software engineers and designers
2172 A 数据库分析师和数据管理员 Database analysts and data administrators
2171 A 信息系统分析师和顾问 Information systems analysts and consultants
2161 A 数学家,统计学家和精算师 Mathematicians, statisticians and actuaries
2154 A 土地测量师 Land surveyors
2153 A 城市规划和土地使用规划师 Urban and land use planners
2152 A 景观建筑师 Landscape architects
2151 A 建筑师 Architects
2148 A 其他专业工程师,n.e.c. Other professional engineers, n.e.c.
2147 A 计算机工程师(软件工程师和设计师除外) Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)
2146 A 航天工程师 Aerospace engineers
2145 A 石油工程师 Petroleum engineers
2144 A 地质工程师 Geological engineers
2143 A 矿业工程师 Mining engineers
2142 A 冶金与材料工程师 Metallurgical and materials engineers
2141 A 工业和制造工程师 Industrial and manufacturing engineers
2134 A 化学工程师 Chemical engineers
2133 A 电气和电子工程师 Electrical and electronics engineers
2132 A 机械工程师 Mechanical engineers
2131 A 土木工程师 Civil engineers
2123 A 农业代表,顾问和专家 Agricultural representatives, consultants and specialists
2122 A 林业专业人员 Forestry professionals
2121 A 生物学家及相关科学家 Biologists and related scientists
2115 A 物理科学其他专业职业 Other professional occupations in physical sciences
2114 A 气象学家和气候学家 Meteorologists and climatologists
2113 A 地质学家和海洋学家 Geoscientists and oceanographers
2112 A 化学家 Chemists
2111 A 物理学家和天文学家 Physicists and astronomers
9619 D 其他加工,制造和公用事业工人 Other labourers in processing, manufacturing and utilities
9618 D 鱼类和海产品加工工人 Labourers in fish and seafood processing
9617 D 食品,饮料及相关产品的加工工人 Labourers in food, beverage and associated products processing
9616 D 纺织加工工人 Labourers in textile processing
9615 D 在橡胶和塑料制品制造业工人 Labourers in rubber and plastic products manufacturing
9614 D 劳动力在木材,纸浆和纸加工工人 Labourers in wood, pulp and paper processing
9613 D 化工产品处理与公用事业工人 Labourers in chemical products processing and utilities
9612 D 劳动者在金属加工工人 Labourers in metal fabrication
9611 D 矿产和金属加工 Labourers in mineral and metal processing
9537 C 其他产品的装配,选手和检查员 Other products assemblers, finishers and inspectors
9536 C 工业画家,镀膜机,金属整理过程中运营商 Industrial painters, coaters and metal finishing process operators
9535 C 塑料产品装配,选手和检查员 Plastic products assemblers, finishers and inspectors
9534 C 家具修整工及翻修工 Furniture finishers and refinishers
9533 C 其他木制品的装配和检查员 Other wood products assemblers and inspectors
9532 C 家具和灯具装配和检查员 Furniture and fixture assemblers and inspectors
9531 C 艇装配和督察 Boat assemblers and inspectors
9527 C 机床操作员和检查员,电气设备制造业 Machine operators and inspectors, electrical apparatus manufacturing
9526 C 机械装配和检验员 Mechanical assemblers and inspectors
9525 C 工业电动机和变压器的制造商和检测人员 Assemblers, fabricators and inspectors, industrial electrical motors and transformers
9524 C 汇编和督察,电器,仪器和设备的制造 Assemblers and inspectors, electrical appliance, apparatus and equipment manufacturing
9523 C 电子装配,制造,检验人员和测试人员 Electronics assemblers, fabricators, inspectors and testers
9522 C 汽车装配检查员和测试人员 Motor vehicle assemblers, inspectors and testers
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