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Immigration acronyms:

AOR - Acknowledgement of Receipt

CAIPS - Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System. This is the computer system used by Citizenship and Immigration Canada for storing all overseas visa application information. This system records every bit of information you provide. It is like an electronic identity; existence of the applicant. This is very helpful when anything abnormal happens (e.g. delay in reply, lack of updation, long processing time). It is also helpful when you are selected for the interview. You can know the probable cause of interview requirement by obtaining the CAIPS notes.
CANN - Community Airport Newcomers’ Network
CELPIP - Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program. This is one of only two English language testing organizations approved by CIC (IELTS is the other). CELPIP testing is only available in Canada (Vancouver and Toronto) and China.
CPP - Canada Pension Plan
CIC - Citizenship and Immigration Canada
CICIC - Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials
CIDA - Canadian International Development Agency
COPR - Confirmation of Permanent Resident Form
CSQ - Certificate du Selection du Quebec (Quebec Certificate of Selection)

DMP - Designated Medical Practitioner. Under the Skilled Worker Program application all family members must undergo a medical exam, performed by a doctor that has been approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
IRPA - Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
IRPR - Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations
EAL - English as an Additional Language
e-CAS - e-Client Application Status. This on-line service allows CIC clients to view securely the status of immigration and/or citizenship application(s) on-line, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may use this service if you have sponsored a member of the family class, applied for permanent residence from within or outside Canada, applied for a permanent resident card (initial, replacement or renewal), applied for a grant of Canadian citizenship, or applied for a proof of Canadian citizenship.
EFL - English as a Foreign Language
EI - Employment Insurance (also sometimes referred to as unemployment insurance)
ELT - English Language Training/Teaching
ESL - English as a Second Language
ESOL - English for Speakers of Other Languages
ESP - English for Specific Purposes
GIC - Guaranteed Investment Certificate
GST - Goods and Services Tax
H&C grounds - Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds. In the case of Canadian immigration, refers to section A25(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Any person who does not comply with the three categories of immigration to Canada (family, economic and refugee) may ask to be considered for immigration selection on H&C grounds.
HRDC (see HRSDC) - former Human Resources Development Canada
HRSDC - Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. The government agency responsible for performing both Arranged Employment Opinions and Labour Market Opinions for the purposes of obtaining employment confirmation letters. Such letters may be required by Skilled Worker applicants when attempting to qualify for the additional ten points under the Arranged Employment Factor.
ICCS - International Council for Canadian Studies
ID - Identification
IELTS - International English Language Testing System. One of only two English language testing organizations approved by CIC (CELPIP is the other). Note that Skilled Worker applicants will want to complete the IELTS 'General Training' exams, not the 'Academic Training' exams.
IRPA - Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.
MSP - Medical Services Plan
NOC - National Occupational Classification
NGO - Non-Governmental Organization
OLA - Open Learning Agency
PST - Provincial Sales Tax
RCMP - Royal Canadian Mounted Police
RRPF - Right of Permanent Residence Fee
RRSP - Registered Retirement Savings Plan
SIN -Social Insurance Number
SWP - Skilled Worker Program
TEF - Test d'Evaluation de Français. The only French language testing organization approved by CIC. Note that Skilled Workers are to complete the following tests: Comprehension Ocrite / Comprehension Orale / Expression Ecrite / Expression Orale.
VSO - Voluntary Services Overseas
WCB - Workers’ Compensation Board
YMCA - Young Men’s Christian Association
YWCA - Young Women’s Christian Association
IA-Intial Assessment
PPR-Passport Request
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AOR - 收据确认

CAIPS - 计算机辅助移民处理系统。这是加拿大公民和移民部用于存储所有海外签证申请信息的计算机系统。该系统记录了您提供的每一点信息。它就像一个电子身份;申请人的存在。这在发生任何异常情况(例如回复延迟、缺少更新、处理时间长)时非常有用。当您被选中参加面试时,这也很有帮助。您可以通过获取 CAIPS 笔记了解面试要求的可能原因。
CANN - 社区机场新移民网络
CELPIP - 加拿大英语语言能力指数计划。这是CIC批准的仅有的两个英语语言测试机构之一(另一个是雅思)。CELPIP 测试仅在加拿大(温哥华和多伦多)和中国提供。
CPP - 加拿大退休金计划
CIC - 加拿大公民和移民部
CICIC - 加拿大国际证书信息中心
CIDA - 加拿大国际开发署
COPR - 永久居民确认表
CSQ - Certificate du Selection du Quebec(魁北克选择证书)

DMP - 指定的医生。根据技术工人计划的申请,所有家庭成员都必须接受由加拿大公民和移民部批准的医生进行的体检。
IRPA - 移民和难民保护法 IRPR - 移民
EAL - 英语作为附加语言
e-CAS - 电子客户申请状态。这项在线服务允许 CIC 客户每周 7 天、每天 24 小时安全地在线查看移民和/或公民身份申请的状态。如果您赞助了家庭成员、在加拿大境内或境外申请永久居留权、申请永久居民卡(初始卡、更换卡或更新卡)、申请加拿大公民身份或申请以获得加拿大公民身份证明。
EFL - 英语作为外语
EI - 就业保险(有时也称为失业保险)
ELT - 英语语言培训/教学
ESL - 英语作为第二语言
ESOL - 英语为其他语言的人
ESP - 特定用途英语
GIC - 保证投资证书
GST - 商品及服务税
H&C 理由 - 人道主义和同情理由。如果是加拿大移民,请参阅《移民和难民保护法》第 A25(1) 节。任何不符合加拿大移民的三类(家庭、经济和难民)的人都可以要求考虑以 H&C 为由进行移民选择。
HRDC(参见 HRSDC)- 前加拿大人力资源开发部
HRSDC - 加拿大人力资源和技能发展部。负责执行安排就业意见和劳动力市场意见以获得就业确认函的政府机构。技术工人申请人在试图获得安排就业因素下的额外 10 分资格时,可能需要此类信件。
ICCS - 国际加拿大研究委员会
ID - 鉴定
IELTS - 国际英语语言测试系统。CIC 认可的仅有的两家英语语言测试机构之一(CELPIP 是另一家)。请注意,技术工人申请人将希望完成雅思“普通培训”考试,而不是“学术培训”考试。
IRPA - 移民和难民保护法。
MSP - 医疗服务计划
NOC - 国家职业分类
NGO - 非政府组织
OLA - 开放学习机构
PST - 省销售税
RCMP - 加拿大皇家骑警
RRPF - 永久居留权费
RRSP - 注册退休储蓄计划
SIN - 社会保险号
SWP - 技术工人计划
TEF - Test d'Evaluation de Français。唯一获得CIC认可的法语语言考试机构。请注意,技术工人要完成以下测试:Comprehension Ocrite / Comprehension Orale / Expression Ecrite / Expression Orale。
VSO - 海外志愿服务
WCB - 工人赔偿委员会
YMCA - 年轻男士的基督教组织
YWCA - 年轻女士的基督教组织

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