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Category 1: About You and Your Family
1. Tell us a little about yourself. / Could you tell me about yourself. Schooling / lifestyle..??
2. Give us some information about your Origin/ Family background/ Ethnicity?
3. Please describe your typical workday?
4. What do you like doing in your spare time ?
5. Where do you live?
6. Do you own a house, or do you rent? Or is it company provided?
7. (If you have children under 18) Where are your children now? Are they alone at home? (Note: In Canada, it is illegal to leave children under 12 unattended).
8. Do your parents live in the same home?
9. Do you plan to bring them to Canada if your application is approved?
10. If not, who will look after them if you move to Canada?
11. What's your current status - single/married/engaged?
12. Where does you spouse / Fiance’s parents live ?
13. How long have you been married? OR When do you plan to marry?
14. What’s the name and D.O.B of your spouse?
15. Have you been previously married?
16. Do you have other children not listed in this application?
17. How would you rate your English language skills? How about French? (Note: Expect to be tested on this if you claim some degree of skills).
18. Tell us where you think you are Excellent, Good, bad or Worst in
Reading Writing Speaking Listening
19. How well do your spouse and children speak English/French?
20. Have you ever been in trouble with the law? Were you ever reported/charged/arrested for any crime?
21. Do your spouse and children support your plan to move to Canada?
22. Do you have family in Canada?
23. What would you do if your immigration application is rejected? Or What is your plan if you are unsuccessful in this Interview and is not given a Landing Visa?

Category 2: Job and Qualifications
1. What is Your profession?
2. Where are you working now? Or What do you currently do?
Name Address Contact details of Employer

3. Can you give us the name of your supervisor / Person you are reporting to / Your Immediate manager?
Name Title/Designation Address & Contact details

4. What is your title?
5. What does your job involve?
6. Is this a full time or part time job?
7. How long have you worked at this company?
8. Have you had the same position since you started?
9. What jobs have you had prior to this?
10. Can you provide references?
Name Address Contact details of Previous Employer

10-b Details of Previous managers/ supervisors
Name Title/Designation Address & Contact details

11. Why you quit those jobs and why you are going to quit this current one and move to Canada?
12. Tell us about your educational background.
13. What qualifications do you have for your present job?
14. Were you trained before taking on this role?
15. How many people work in your department/company? How many work under you?
16. Who do you report to in the company? Could you give us their contact information?
17. What are you currently working on?
18. Would you say you are doing well in this company?
19. Why would you want to quit this job and head for an uncertain future in Canada?
20. Do you think you will easily find a similar job in Canada?
21. Do you think your qualifications are sufficient to help you find a job?
22. How can your current job help you get a similar job in Canada?
23. How can your current job help you to Integrate in Canadian Society?
24. Do you plan to study further in Canada?
25. Will you undergo a training/ upgrade your skills or go for an internship before taking up a job?
26. Have you had your qualifications assessed in Canada?
Category 3: Financial Position1. What is your Financial position?
2. What is your current source of Funds? Have you got any Business or just a job ?
3. How much money do you earn at your present job?
4. Do you have any other sources of income? How much do you earn from those?
5. How much money do you have in the banks?
6. Can you provide bank statements for the last 1/2/3 years?
7. What other assets do you have? Property? Stocks and bonds? Gold?
8. What are your assets worth, approximately, at today's market rates? Do you have an assessment report?
9. If your immigration application were to be approved, would you sell your assets before moving to Canada?

Category 4: What You Know About Canada
1. How much do you know about Canada?
2. What exactly have you heard about Canada?
3. What do you expect Canada to be like?
4. Who is Canada's Prime Minister?
5. What is the capital of Canada?
6. How many Canadian Provinces can you name?
7. Can you name some Canadian cities
Or Could you give me the name of 3 Canadian cities and 3 Canadian Provinces ?
8. What is the name of the premier of the province where you plan to settle?
Category 5: Immigrating to Canada1. Why do you want to leave your country?
2. Why do you want to come to Canada?
3. Are you prepared for the challenges that come with a move to a new country?
4. Why did you choose Canada? Why not Australia, New Zealand, the US or Britain? Or Is there any specific reason for choosing Canada as your residency country ?
5. Where in Canada would you like to Settle ? and Why?
6. What are your preparations for leaving your country?
a. Would you sell all of your equity/assets?
b. b. Any emotional and/or psychological preparation associated with leaving your country.
c. How do you think your spouse and kids [family] will cope with emotional and psychological stress associated with leaving their friends and relatives?
7. What do you expect Canada to be like?
8. Which city in Canada do you want to go to? Why did you decide on that city?
9. Do you have family/friends in Canada? If so, where do they live?
10. (If your intended destination is different from the one you have family in) Why did you choose City X rather than City Y if that's where you have family?
11. Will you change your mind and settle in City Y if your application is approved?
12. Will your relatives/friends assist you after you move to Canada?
13. How do you plan to connect with your relatives/friends in you live in different cities?
14. How will you support yourself and your family before you get a job?
15. How are you preparing yourself and your family for Canada?
a. Do all of your family members know English?
b. If no, how do you think they will adapt to a new culture and environment suddenly?
16. How much money do you plan to take with you to Canada?
17. How long do you think your funds will last you if you haven't found a job?
18. Have you found out about the cost of living in your intended destination?
19. Explain how you plan to find a job in Canada.
20. Will you be using the Internet for your job search? Will it be the only source for job hunt ?
21. What other means would you use to find a job?
22. There are so many job-seekers in Canada who are familiar with current industry practices. Why do you believe you can get the job ahead of them?
23. Have you been in touch with prospective employers in Canada with regard to your job search?
24. Do you know of any associations or licensing bodies related to your profession in Canada?
25. Have you attempted to contact them? If yes, what did they say? Will they Grant you Membership?
26. What do you know about your profession in Canada ?
27. What would you do if you cannot find a job in your field? Are Unable to secure Employment ?
28. Would you seek government unemployment benefits while you are unemployed?
29. Would you return to your home country if you can't find a job in your choosen Fileld?
30. Where do you see yourself five or 10 years from now?
31. Have you ever been arrested, charged or convicted of any violation of the law?
a. If yes,
i. Include felonies and misdemeanors, but not traffic violations.
ii. Provide all the details, your details include but not limited to

1. Felony 2. Sentence/fine 3. When happened 4. When was the sentence served or fine paid

25. Do you have any criminal record?

a. If yes,

i. Provide details of what the charge was, sentence served, and why you were charged.

Some tips for the prospective applicants appearing for interview.
- Carry along with you the xerox copies of the initial application filled by you.
- Carry original of all your educational certificates and job offer/contract letters mentioned in the application.
- English language test results copy.
- Passport
- You may be asked questions about your field of study.
- Your present job responsibilties and other details to ascertain you can settle down in canada under your job category.
- Before the interview date do some research about the city where there is maximum demand for your trade.
-Be cool and don't bluff. Speak the truth

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