2144 地质工程师 Geological engineers (LEVEL A) - 快出国

  • 2 自然科学和应用科学及相关职业 / Natural and applied sciences and related occupations
    • 21 自然科学和应用科学专业职业 / Professional occupations in natural and applied sciences
      • 214 其他工程师 / Other engineers
        • 2141* 工业和制造工程师 / Industrial and manufacturing engineers(A)
        • 2142* 冶金与材料工程师 / Metallurgical and materials engineers(A)
        • 2143* 矿业工程师 / Mining engineers(A)
        • 2144* 地质工程师 / Geological engineers(A)
        • 2145* 石油工程师 / Petroleum engineers(A)
        • 2146* 航天工程师 / Aerospace engineers(A)
        • 2147* 计算机工程师(软件工程师和设计师除外) / Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)(A)
        • 2148* 其他专业工程师,n.e.c. / Other professional engineers, n.e.c.(A)

2144 地质工程师 加拿大各省监管情况 - 快出国

2144 Geological engineers 监管情况

管制类 非管制类
强制性认证,执照或注册 自愿证明,执照或注册 不存在任何认证,执照或注册
成员独有冠名执行权 成员独有冠名权 Available None
Alberta X X X
British Columbia X X X
Manitoba X X X
New Brunswick X X X
Newfoundland and Labrador X X X
Nova Scotia X X X
Northwest Territories X X X
Nunavut X X X
Ontario X X X
Prince Edward Island X X X
Quebec X X X
Saskatchewan X X X
Yukon X X X

2144 地质工程师 (2144 Geological engineers) - 快出国 NOC


Geological engineers conduct geological and geotechnical studies to assess suitability of locations for civil engineering, mining and oil and gas projects; and plan, design, develop and supervise programs of geological data acquisition and analysis and the preparation of geological engineering reports and recommendations. Geological engineers are employed in consulting engineering companies, electrical utilities, mining and petroleum companies and in government and research and educational institutions.

2144 加拿大地质工程师头衔范例 Example Titles - 快出国 NOC

  • 地质工程师 geological engineer
  • 地球物理工程师 geophysical engineer
  • 水文地质工程师 hydrogeological engineer – engineering

2144 地质工程师主要职责 Main duties - 快出国 NOC

  • 计划,发展和协调地质技术,地质,地球物理和水文数据的获取,分析,绘制来帮助土木工程,矿山,石油,废物管理项目的发展 Plan, develop and co-ordinate programs of geotechnical, geological, geophysical or geohydrological data acquisition, analysis and mapping to assist in the development of civil engineering, mining, petroleum and waste management projects or for regional development
  • 分析和准备报告和提出关于土木工程基础提高和建设的相关建议,例如岩石开采,压力灌浆,液压通道侵蚀控制 Analyze and prepare recommendations and reports for construction or improvements to foundations of civil engineering projects such as rock excavation, pressure grouting and hydraulic channel erosion control
  • 分析和准备报告和提出关于建筑物的安置,斜坡的稳定性和填充,滑坡和地震可能产生的后果等来帮助土木工程项目的建设 Analyze and prepare recommendations and reports on settlement of buildings, stability of slopes and fills, and probable effects of landslides and earthquakes to support construction and civil engineering projects
  • 地下水流和污染进行理论和应用的研究和开发处方选址,处理及施工 Conduct theoretical and applied study of groundwater flow and contamination and develop prescriptions for site selection, treatment and construction
  • 规划,开发,协调,并在矿山勘探,矿山采矿业相对的评估和可行性研究,进行理论和实验研究 Plan, develop, co-ordinate and conduct theoretical and experimental studies in mining exploration, mine evaluation and feasibility studies relative to the mining industry
  • 开展关于矿床,矿石储量计算和矿山设计的调查和研究 Conduct surveys and studies of ore deposits, ore reserve calculations and mine design
  • 开发,发展和实施关于地球物理,地球化学,地质,测绘及相关领域的计算机应用 Design, develop and implement computer applications for geophysics, geochemistry, geology, mapping and related fields
  • 监督技术人员和其他工程师和科学家 Supervise technologists, technicians and other engineers and scientists.

2144 地质工程师职位的任职要求 Employment requirements - 快出国 NOC

  • 地质工程专业或相关专业学士学位 A bachelor’s degree in geological engineering or in a related discipline is required.
  • 地质相关专业硕士学位 A master’s degree or doctorate in a related engineering discipline may be required.
  • 需要有省级或者地方的专业工程师协会许可,批准工程图纸和报告,作为专业工程师的实践经历 Licensing by a provincial or territorial association of professional engineers is required to approve engineering drawings and reports and to practise as a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.).
  • 工程师资格通过认可的教育计划获得并认可,三年或四年的工程监督经验,通过专业实践检验 Engineers are eligible for registration following graduation from an accredited educational program, three or four years of supervised work experience in engineering and passing a professional practice examination.

2144 地质工程师附加信息 Additional information - 快出国 NOC

  • 地质工程专家和次级别的相关专业人士亦可 There is considerable mobility between engineering specializations at the less senior levels.
  • 管理和高级岗位需要工作经验 Supervisory and senior positions in this unit group require experience.
  • 地质工程师经常与其他地质工程师密切合作,这些相关领域的专业人才亦可 Geological engineers work closely with geologists and other scientists and engineers, and mobility is possible between some fields of specialization.
  • 工程师经常在各类环境中工作并通过工作经历来获得知识和技能,在科学,工程,销售,市场和管理岗位都有相关经历 Engineers often work in a multidisciplinary environment and acquire knowledge and skills through work experience that may allow them to practise in associated areas of science, engineering, sales, marketing or management.

2144 地质工程师其他分类 Classified elsewhere - 快出国 NOC

  • 土木工程师 Civil engineers (2131)
  • 工程经理 Engineering managers (0211)
  • 地质学家和海洋学家 Geoscientists and oceanographers (2113)
  • 土地测量员 Land surveyors (2154)
  • 采矿工程师 Mining engineers (2143)
  • 石油工程师 Petroleum engineers (2145)

2144 地质工程师职称头衔 Titles - 快出国 NOC

  • 地质工程师, engineer, geological
  • 工程师,地球物理 engineer, geophysical
  • 工程师,岩土 engineer, geotechnical
  • 地质工程师 geological engineer
  • 地球物理工程师 geophysical engineer
  • 岩土工程师 geotechnical engineer
  • 水文地质工程师 - 工程 hydrogeological engineer – engineering
  • 水文地质工程师 - 工程 hydrogeology engineer – engineering
  • 监理工程师 - 岩相学 supervising engineer – petrography
  • 监理工程师 - 岩石科学 supervising engineer – rock sciences