• 4 教育、法律和社会、社区和政府服务职业 / Occupations in education, law and social, community and government services
    • 42 法律、社会、社区和教育服务辅助职业 / Paraprofessional occupations in legal, social, community and education services
      • 421 法律、社会、社区和教育服务辅助职业 / Paraprofessional occupations in legal, social, community and education services
        • 4211* 律师助理及相关职业 / Paralegal and related occupations(B)
        • 4212 社会和社区服务工作者 / Social and community service workers(B)
        • 4214* 幼儿教育工作者和助理 / Early childhood educators and assistants(B)
        • 4215 残疾人教练 / Instructors of persons with disabilities(B)
        • 4216 其他教官 / Other instructors(B)
        • 4217 其他宗教职业 / Other religious occupations(B)

4211 律师助理及相关职业 加拿大各省监管情况 - 快出国

管制类 非管制类
强制性认证,执照或注册 自愿证明,执照或注册 不存在任何认证,执照或注册
成员独有冠名执行权 成员独有冠名权 Available None
Alberta X X
British Columbia X X
Manitoba X X
New Brunswick X X
Newfoundland and Labrador X X
Nova Scotia X X
Northwest Territories X X
Nunavut X X
Ontario X X
Prince Edward Island X X
Quebec X X
Saskatchewan X X
Yukon X X
管制类 非管制类
强制性认证,执照或注册 自愿证明,执照或注册 不存在任何认证,执照或注册
成员独有冠名执行权 成员独有冠名权 Available None
Alberta X X X
British Columbia X X X
Manitoba X X X
New Brunswick X X X
Newfoundland and Labrador X X X
Nova Scotia X X X
Northwest Territories X X X
Nunavut X X X
Ontario X X X
Prince Edward Island X X X
Quebec X X X
Saskatchewan X X X
Yukon X X X


Paralegals prepare legal documents and conduct research to assist lawyers or other professionals. Independent paralegals provide legal services to the public as allowed by government legislation, or provide paralegal services on contract to law firms or other establishments. Notaries public administer oaths, take affidavits, sign legal documents and perform other activities according to the scope of their practice. Trademark agents advise clients on intellectual property matters. Paralegals are employed by law firms, by record search companies and in legal departments throughout the public and private sectors. Independent paralegals are usually self-employed. Notaries public are employed by government and in the public and private sectors or they may be self-employed. Trademark agents are employed by law firms and legal departments throughout the public and private sectors, trademark development and search firms or they may be self-employed.

4211 律师助理及相关职业头衔范例 Example Titles - 快出国 NOC

  • 商法业务员 commercial law clerk
  • 企业律师助理 corporate paralegal
  • 家庭法律师助理 family law paralegal
  • 独立律师助理 independent paralegal
  • 土地所有权考官 land titles examiner
  • 法律研究员 legal researcher
  • 公证人 notary public
  • 律师助理 paralegal
  • 房地产法律店员 real estate law clerk
  • 标题搜索员 title searcher
  • 商标代理 trademark agent

4211 律师助理及相关职业主要职责 Main duties - 快出国 NOC

律师助理执行部分或全部下列职责:Paralegals perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 通过采访客户,证人及其他关联方,协助律师,收集书面证据,准备出庭简报,并安排出庭 Assist lawyers by interviewing clients, witnesses and other related parties, assembling documentary evidence, preparing trial briefs, and arranging for trials
  • 协助律师准备调解和解决司法争议 Assist lawyers in preparation for mediation and judicial dispute resolutions
  • 准备遗嘱,房地产交易和其他法律文件,法院报告及誓章 Prepare wills, real estate transactions and other legal documents, court reports and affidavits
  • 研究记录,法庭文件及其他法律文件 Research records, court files and other legal documents
  • 起草法律信件,执行一般办公室及文书工作。 Draft legal correspondence and perform general office and clerical duties.

独立律师助理执行部分或全部下列职责:Independent paralegals perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 在小额索偿法庭,和其他下级法院诉讼,法庭和行政机构前代表客户 Represent clients in small claims court and in other lower court proceedings, at tribunals and before administrative bodies
  • 针对在其管辖范围内的业主与租客事宜,交通违法行为,名称变更等问题给予客户建议并采取法律行动。 Advise clients and take legal action on landlord and tenant matters, traffic violations, name changes and other issues within their jurisdictions.

公证人执行部分或全部下列职责:Notaries public perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 监誓并记录宣誓书及口供 Administer oaths and take affidavits and depositions
  • 见证并证明文件上的签名的有效性 Witness and certify the validity of signatures on documents
  • 可以起草合同,准备承兑票据及起草遗嘱,抵押贷款和其他法律文件 May draft contracts, prepare promissory notes and draw up wills, mortgages and other legal documents
  • 可安排遗嘱认证及管理死者遗产。 May arrange probates and administer the estates of deceased persons.

商标代理执行部分或全部下列职责:Trademark agents perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 向客户提供有关知识产权事宜,并在商标注册处处长前代表客户起诉包括商标注册申请事宜。 Advise clients on intellectual property matters and represent clients before the Registrar of Trade-Marks on matters including prosecution of applications for registration of trademarks
  • 建议商标注册,商标使用许可的要求,知识产权转让和保护现有的商标权 Advise on the registrability of trademarks, trademark licensing requirements, transfer of intellectual property and protection of existing trademark rights
  • 在商标反对党董事会前和相关诉讼中代表客户进行诉讼 Represent clients at proceedings before the Trade Marks Opposition Board and in related proceedings
  • 可能代表客户在国际上与外国联营公司和律师协商。 May represent clients internationally in consultation with foreign associates and attorneys.

4211 律师助理及相关职业任职要求 Employment requirements - 快出国 NOC

  • 律师事务所的律师助理要求法律学士学位或法律大专文凭,并接受律师事务所或其他法律机构的内部培训。 Paralegals in law firms require a bachelor’s degree in law or a law college diploma and in-house training from a law firm or other legal establishment.
  • 独立律师助理需要了解法律原则和程序,通常通过行业资助课程以及经验积累,或通过完成社区学院的律师助理课程来获取以上内容。 Independent paralegals require knowledge of legal principles and procedures usually obtained through industry-sponsored courses and through experience, or through completion of a community college paralegal program.
  • 公证人经由省份或地区的司法机关资格认证和考试后得以委任。所有任命对其可以执行的活动都有特殊的限制,以及特定的时期。 Notaries public are appointed after examination and certification of their qualifications by the governing judiciary in their province or territory. All appointments have specific limitations on the activities they can perform and for specific periods of time.
  • 公证人要求省级许可证。在不列颠哥伦比亚省,还要求是公证人协会成员。 Notaries public require a provincial licence. In British Columbia, membership in the Society of Notaries Public is also required.
  • 要获得许可,商标代理必须在商标法地区工作至少两年,包括注册商标申请的准备和起诉 To be licensed, trademark agents are required to work in the area of trademark law, including the preparation and prosecution of trademark applications for registration, for two years
  • 同时要顺利完成加拿大知识产权研究所以及加拿大知识产权局商标注册联合进行的考试 To successfully complete the examination conducted jointly by the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada and the Registrar of Trade-Marks, Canadian Intellectual Property Office
  • 或者完成上述任何一个,并成为一名有权在加拿大从业的律师。 Either one of the above and to be a lawyer entitled to practise in Canada.
  • 商标代理人要求获得联邦贸易商标局注册。 Trademark agents require registration with the federal Trade-Mark Office.

4211 律师助理及相关职业附加信息 Additional information - 快出国 NOC

  • 公证人通常接受内部培训,在农村或偏远地区,或在其受雇的各业务室履行自己的职责。 Notaries public usually receive in-house training and perform their duties in rural or remote areas or in the business offices in which they are employed.

4211 律师助理及相关职业其他分类 Classified elsewhere - 快出国 NOC

  • 签约实习生,魁北克省公证员和商标律师(律师和魁北克公证人) Articling students, Quebec notaries and trademark lawyers (in 4112 Lawyers and Quebec notaries )
  • 法律行政助理 Legal administrative assistants 1242
  • 专利代理人(自然和应用科学政策研究人员,顾问和项目官员) Patent agents (in 4161 Natural and applied science policy researchers, consultants and program officers )

4211 律师助理及相关职业职称头衔 All titles - 快出国 NOC

  • 摘录者 abstractor
  • 简报撰写人 - 法律 brief writer – law
  • 不列颠哥伦比亚省公证人 British Columbia notary public
  • 文员,法律 clerk, law
  • 收集律师助理 collection paralegal
  • 商法业务员 commercial law clerk
  • 商业法律师助理 commercial law paralegal
  • 合同店员 - 法 contract clerk – law
  • 输送店员 conveyance clerk
  • 版权代理机构 copyright agent
  • 企业法律和诉讼店员 corporate law and litigation clerk
  • 公司法业务员 corporate law clerk
  • 企业律师助理 corporate paralegal
  • 公司证券法律店员 corporate securities law clerk
  • 公司律师助理 corporation paralegal
  • 法院和仲裁庭代理 court and tribunal agent
  • 刑法业务员 criminal law clerk
  • 刑法律师助理 criminal law paralegal
  • 家庭法业务员 family law clerk
  • 家庭法律师助理 family law paralegal
  • 止赎店员 foreclosure clerk
  • 止赎律师助理 foreclosure paralegal
  • 独立律师助理 independent paralegal
  • 保险法业务员 insurance law clerk
  • 保险律师助理 insurance paralegal
  • 劳动法业务员 labour law clerk
  • 劳动法律师助理 labour law paralegal
  • 土地所有权业务员 land titles clerk
  • 土地所有权考官 land titles examiner
  • 律政书记 law clerk
  • 法律助理判断 law clerk to judge
  • 奠定公证人 lay notary public
  • 租赁和标题店员 lease and title clerk
  • 法律研究员 legal researcher
  • 法律技师 legal technician
  • 诉讼法律店员 litigation law clerk
  • 诉讼律师助理 litigation paralegal
  • 抵押贷款和房地产律师助理 mortgage and real estate paralegal
  • 公证人 notary public
  • 公证人(不列颠哥伦比亚省) notary public (British Columbia)
  • 公证人(魁北克以外) notary public (outside Quebec)
  • 公证人店员 notary public clerk
  • 公证人,打好 notary public, lay
  • 石油和天然气物业律师助理 oil and gas property paralegal
  • 石油和天然气的权利法律助理 oil and gas rights law clerk
  • 石油和天然气的权利,律师助理 oil and gas rights paralegal
  • 律师助理 paralegal
  • 物业律师助理 property paralegal
  • 房地产法律店员 real estate law clerk
  • 房地产律师助理 real estate paralegal
  • 注册商标代理 registered trademark agent
  • 研究员,法律 researcher, legal
  • 税法店员 tax law clerk
  • 税务律师助理 tax paralegal
  • 标题和租赁业务员 title and lease clerk
  • 标题考官 title examiner
  • 标题搜索 title searcher
  • 商标代理 trademark agent
  • 转移所有权的店员 transfer-of-title clerk
  • 遗嘱和遗产的法律助理 wills and estates law clerk
  • 遗嘱和遗产律师助理 wills and estates paralegal