4112 律师和魁北克公证人 Lawyers and Quebec notaries (LEVEL A) - 快出国

  • 4 教育、法律和社会、社区和政府服务职业 / Occupations in education, law and social, community and government services
    • 41 法律和社会、社区和政府服务专业职业 / Professional occupations in law and social, community and government services
      • 411 法官、律师和魁北克公证人 / Judges, lawyers and Quebec notaries
        • 4111* 法官 / Judges(A)
        • 4112* 律师和魁北克公证人 / Lawyers and Quebec notaries(A)

4112 律师和魁北克公证人 加拿大各省监管情况 - 快出国

4112.1 Lawyers (Lawyers and Quebec notaries) 监管情况

管制类 非管制类
强制性认证,执照或注册 自愿证明,执照或注册 不存在任何认证,执照或注册
成员独有冠名执行权 成员独有冠名权 Available None
Alberta X X
British Columbia X X
Manitoba X X
New Brunswick X X
Newfoundland and Labrador X X
Nova Scotia X X
Northwest Territories X X
Nunavut X X
Ontario X X
Prince Edward Island X X
Quebec X X
Saskatchewan X X
Yukon X X

4112.2 Quebec notaries (Lawyers and Quebec notaries) 监管情况

管制类 非管制类
强制性认证,执照或注册 自愿证明,执照或注册 不存在任何认证,执照或注册
成员独有冠名执行权 成员独有冠名权 Available None
Alberta X X X
British Columbia X X X
Manitoba X X X
New Brunswick X X X
Newfoundland and Labrador X X X
Nova Scotia X X X
Northwest Territories X X X
Nunavut X X X
Ontario X X X
Prince Edward Island X X X
Quebec X X
Saskatchewan X X X
Yukon X X X

4112 律师和魁北克公证员 Lawyers and Quebec notaries- 快出国 NOC


Lawyers and Quebec notaries advise clients on legal matters, represent clients before administration boards and draw up legal documents such as contracts and wills. Lawyers also plead cases, represent clients before tribunals and conduct prosecutions in courts of law. Lawyers are employed in law firms and prosecutor’s offices. Quebec notaries are employed in notary offices. Both lawyers and Quebec notaries are employed by federal, provincial and municipal governments and various business establishments or they may be self-employed. Articling students are included in this group.

4112 律师和魁北克公证员头衔范例 Example Titles- 快出国 NOC

  • 检察官 Crown attorney
  • 签约法律学生 articling law student
  • 企业法律顾问 corporate counsel
  • 法律伙伴 law partner
  • 律师 lawyer
  • 法律顾问 legal advisor
  • 立法顾问 legislative counsel
  • 公证员(魁北克) notary (Quebec)
  • 原告 prosecutor
  • 律师 solicitor

4112 律师和魁北克公证员主要职责 Main duties- 快出国 NOC

律师和魁北克公证员执行部分或全部下列职责:Lawyers and Quebec notaries perform some or all of the following duties:

  • 建议客户自己的合法权益及所有相关法律事宜 Advise clients of their legal rights and all matters related to law
  • 研究法律先案,并收集证据 Research legal precedents and gather evidence
  • 在法律法院,法庭和董事会(律师)前为客户案例进行辩护 Plead clients’ cases before courts of law, tribunals and boards (lawyers only)
  • 起草房地产交易,遗嘱,离婚和合同等法律文件,并准备法律意见陈述 Draw up legal documents such as real estate transactions, wills, divorces and contracts, and prepare statements of legal opinions
  • 协商和解民事纠纷(律师) Negotiate settlements of civil disputes (lawyers only)
  • 执行与法律实践相关的行政和管理职能 Perform administrative and management functions related to the practice of law
  • 可以作为和解员,调解员或仲裁员 May act as mediator, conciliator or arbitrator
  • 可作为房地产和家庭法律事务的执行人,受托人或监护人。 May act as executor, trustee or guardian in estate and family law matters.
  • 律师和魁北克公证人可以专注于法律的特定领域,如刑法(律师),公司法,合同法,税法,行政法,国际法,商业法,房地产法,家庭和财产法,知识产权法和劳动法。 Lawyers and Quebec notaries may specialize in specific areas of the law such as criminal law (lawyers only), corporate law, contract law, taxation law, administrative law, international law, commercial law, real estate law, family and estate law, intellectual property law and labour law.

4112 律师和魁北克公证员任职要求 Employment requirements- 快出国 NOC

律师 Lawyers

  • 两到三年的本科学习,或者在魁北克省要求完成大专课程。 Two to three years of undergraduate studies or, in Quebec, completion of a college program
  • 并且取得认可的法学院的大学本科学历 A bachelor’s degree from a recognized law school
  • 并且必须通过律师资格考试,并完成一段时期的实习。 Successful completion of the bar examination and completion of a period of articling are required.
  • 必需取得省级或地区法律协会的许可。 Licensing by the provincial or territorial law society is required.

公证人(魁北克)Notaries (Quebec)

  • 认可的法律学校的大学本科学历以及公证法文凭(DDN) A bachelor’s degree from a recognized law school and a Diploma of Notarial Law (D.D.N.)
  • 或者公证法专业法律硕士学位 A master’s degree of law with specialization in notarial law
  • 以及为期32周的职业培训课程。 A 32-week vocational training program are required.
  • 必需取得公证人公司注册。 Registration with the Corporation of Notaries is required.

4112 律师和魁北克公证员附加信息 Additional information- 快出国 NOC

  • 希望在其他省份或地区执业的律师可能需要通过当地省级或地区法律协会的考试。 Lawyers wishing to practise in another province or territory may be required to pass examinations set by the provincial or territorial law society.

4112 律师和魁北克公证员其他分类 Classified elsewhere- 快出国 NOC

  • 法律部门的董事(其他行政服务经理) Legal department directors (in 0114 Other administrative services managers )
  • 律师事务所经理(其他商务服务经理) Legal firm managers (in 0125 Other business services managers )
  • 公证人和商标代理人不是律师(律师助理及相关职业) Notaries public and trademark agents who are not lawyers (in 4211 Paralegal and related occupations )
  • 非律师或非魁北克公证人的专利代理人(自然和应用科学政策研究人员,顾问和项目官员) Patent agents who are not lawyers or Quebec notaries (in 4161 Natural and applied science policy researchers, consultants and program officers )

4112 律师和魁北克公证员职称头衔 All titles- 快出国 NOC

  • 行政律师 administrative lawyer
  • 顾问,法律及企业事务 adviser, law and corporate affairs
  • 咨询律师 advisory counsel
  • 倡导者,法律 advocate, legal
  • 签约法律实习生 articling law student
  • 企业法律顾问助理 assistant corporate counsel
  • 检察官助理 assistant Crown attorney
  • 总经理助理律师 assistant general solicitor
  • 助理法律顾问 assistant legal advisor
  • 地区律师助理 assistant regional counsel
  • 联营公司法律顾问 associate counsel
  • 律师助理 associate lawyer
  • 副法律顾问 associate legal advisor
  • 联营公司法律顾问 associate legal counsel
  • 律师 attorney
  • 律师 attorney-at-law
  • 律师助理首席代理 attorney’s assistant chief agent
  • 律师 barrister
  • 大法官及律师 barrister and solicitor
  • 市律师 city attorney
  • 市律师 city solicitor
  • 民事律师 civil lawyer
  • 索赔律师 claim attorney
  • 商业法律公证 commercial law notary
  • 商业律师 commercial lawyer
  • 合同律师 contract counsel
  • 企业法律顾问 corporate counsel
  • 公司公证(魁北克) corporate notary (Quebec)
  • 公司律师 corporation lawyer
  • 法律顾问 counsel
  • 辅导员在法 counsellor-at-law
  • 辅导员律师 counsellor-lawyer
  • 县律师 county attorney
  • 刑事律师 criminal lawyer
  • 检察官 Crown attorney
  • 冠公司律师 Crown corporation counsel
  • 检察官 Crown counsel
  • 检控官 Crown prosecutor
  • 辩护律师 defence counsel
  • 部门律师 departmental solicitor
  • 副市律师 deputy city solicitor
  • 家庭和遗产律师 family and estates lawyer
  • 总法律顾问 general counsel
  • 一般律师 general solicitor
  • 移民律师 immigration lawyer
  • 工业律师 industrial lawyer
  • 在内部法律顾问 in-house legal counsel
  • 保险律师 insurance lawyer
  • 知识产权律师 intellectual-property lawyer
  • 司法助理 - 最高法院 judicial assistant – Supreme Court
  • 劳动律师 labour lawyer
  • 法律及企业事务顾问 law and corporate affairs adviser
  • 法律伙伴 law partner
  • 律师 lawyer
  • 律师,法律援助 lawyer, legal aid
  • 法律顾问 legal advisor
  • 法律援助律师 legal aid lawyer
  • 法律专员 legal attaché
  • 法律顾问 legal counsel
  • 律政人员 legal officer
  • 立法顾问 legislative adviser
  • 立法顾问 legislative counsel
  • 诉讼律师 litigator
  • 市政律师 municipal solicitor
  • 公证(魁北克) notary (Quebec)
  • 魁北克省公证, notary, Quebec
  • 专利律师 patent counsel
  • 专利律师 patent lawyer
  • 专利律师 patent solicitor
  • 控方律师 prosecuting attorney
  • 原告 prosecutor
  • 魁北克省公证 Quebec notary
  • 御用大律师 Queen’s Counsel
  • 房地产律师 real estate lawyer
  • 地区律师 regional attorney
  • 地区检察官 regional Crown prosecutor
  • 审查律师 review lawyer
  • 律师 solicitor
  • 特别检察官 special prosecutor
  • 工作人员律师 staff counsel
  • 专职律师 staff lawyer
  • 工作人员律师 staff solicitor
  • 学生在法 student-at-law
  • 关税律师 tariff counsel
  • 税务律师 tax attorney
  • 税务律师 tax lawyer
  • 标题律师 title lawyer
  • 商标律师 trademark lawyer